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Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance


GBCORP has revamped its business strategy and has implemented key strategic initiatives to make the Bank more resilient, more responsive and better poised to leverage on opportunities, while at the same time safeguarding the interests of our investors and shareholders.


GBCORP is committed to applying the highest international standards and global best practices in corporate governance. Having developed a strong corporate governance framework, which aims to protect the interests of all stakeholders, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and enhance organizational efficiency, GBCORP has succeeded in imbuing a culture of corporate governance.



Governance Structure

In order to effect corporate governance, a solid structure had to be devised. GBCORP achieved this by structuring the organization, such that functions and responsibilities are clearly divided, mirroring the division of roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, Board committees, the Shari’a Supervisory Board, executive management, as well as executive management committees.