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Investment Strategy


Real Estate & Infrastructure Development

The GCC real estate market has an overall value of on-going and planned real estate development worth approximately USD 90 billion

Real Estate & Infrastructure Development


Real estate development projects is a multifaceted business that ranges from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to conceiving and developing theme projects with intended sale of improved parcels to developers and investors. GBCORP will participates in real estate ventures through special purpose vehicles and will target developers in the same field.


The benefit of real estate investment is that it produces relatively consistent total returns that are a hybrid of income and capital growth. Investing in income-generating real estate can be a great way to increase an individual/company net worth. Income generating real estate consists mainly of offices, retail, industrial and leased residential properties.


Over the last few years, Infrastructure development is an area of the capital markets that has undergone unprecedented growth. Infrastructure development activity is focused on developing assets such as roads, water supply, power grids and telecommunications. Though this sector is currently experiencing a slow down, it is still considered a potential growth segment.



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